Thursday, January 23, 2020

Educations Importance :: Teaching Education

Educations Importance An Institution of Thinkers Education is one of the most important things in modern America, but the reasons why learning is so important today is un-clear. Every modern country has a state run education system, which carries children in to there mid to late teens. The systems around the world are all quite similar, focusing on writing, math and reading, with other courses often being a second language and art. Though the systems are alike people from country to country and from town to town differ on the reasons why education is needed. Opinions range from a place to baby-sit the kids, to a needed key in the pursuit of a successful life and job. The simple un-clarity of today’s school systems is sad. An institution with so many employees and customers (students) should have a mission statement that screamed it’s meaning and lead students on a path to where they need to go. Gardner says â€Å"†¦students who have been well trained†¦do not display adequate understanding of the materials†¦Ã¢â‚¬  but what is unclear is what they should show knowledge in. Should students be able to recite the periodic table or simply know what it is? Should students know all the presidents or know where to find out about them? These questions need to be detailed before we can ever expect for the students to achieve well. Gardner speaks of seven different intelligences, which leads to a question of how is it possible to have 32 people in front of you, all programmed differently and teach them all the same thing. School can’t be designed to fit everyone in, but the institution we currently have tries to. A simple understanding of Gardners Intelligences by the people who created the current system might have drastically changed it. We need to fit all people into a system of education, but what we are currently doing is fitting all people into a cookie cutter mold, which is metaphorically cutting off there legs and arms just to fit them in it. Children are all in school to learn, but we need to isolate why they are there and work from that. I believe schools are meant as simply places to give people a start in life, have them all reading, knowing simple mathematics, history and science. Schools to the 8th grade should be molds, everyone should be taught the same things, maybe not in the same way, but they should walk out knowing the same basics.

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