Thursday, February 27, 2020

Part a is online discussion (hiring for fit ) and part b is case study Essay

Part a is online discussion (hiring for fit ) and part b is case study - Essay Example This current selection approach has been noted to be effective because it is targeted on specific behaviors that enhance diversity, which in turn increases person-organization fit. 2. The organization has already spent resources to plan and implement training for employees. It would be important to review the effect of the training on staff motivation. If the training has been effective, employees should exhibit improvement in their motivation. However, since there has been no improvement, the evaluation could fault the training. Thus, the second option would be to revise the current training so as to have an effective one. Intervention topics type of training would be appropriate for this case since the objective is to improve employee motivation and subsequently customer service. Making the training off-the-job would enhance concentration among the employees as noted by Fried and Fottler (250) thus increase the likelihood of meeting the intended objectives. Since it would be conducted in small groups so as not to interrupt normal operations, group discussions would be beneficial for idea

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