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Feminism The Quality Of Life For Women - 1242 Words

Timothy Truax October 1, 2014 Traditions of Feminism There is no one definite conclusion that makes up feminist ideals; it is rather a compilation of theories set to achieve a common goal, the enhancement of the quality of life for women. Since the first wave of feminist thought began back in 1835, there have been extensive changes in the opinions of individual feminists. There have been three main waves of feminist theories each yielding its own unique opinion on how to achieve their common goal of equality. Out of the three waves, liberal feminism emerged first, which was a type of gender reform feminism. Secondly came radical feminism, which was a type of gender resistance feminism. These two traditions of feminism have their strengths, however liberal feminism would be the one that I most identify with. I believe that liberal feminists theories are more applicable to the social and economic structure of our society. Liberal feminism continues to be the least radical of the two different types of traditions. With that being said, it is because of the traditional nature of liberal feminists that I personally agree with their ideologies over radical feminism. To explain why I chose liberal feminism over radical feminism I will go over the two different types in detail and discuss each of their political agendas for social and economic equality. Radical feminists affirm that our society is structured around a patriarchy that oppresses women. They affirm that putting an endShow MoreRelatedFeminism : Women s Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality897 Words   |  4 PagesIn the play Trifles, feminism is portrayed by the female characters in the book as well as the male characters. Feminism is defined as: the advocacy of women s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men (â€Å"Feminism†). The female characters are represented in a way that highlights the best characteristics of females, which in turn gives the reader or viewer a strong sense of feminis m. The male characters in the book such as: the police officers and the husband show malesRead MoreFeminism : A Woman Mother Of Two Boys Lived On Of A Farmer755 Words   |  4 Pagesjust Emma Watson standing up for feminism in Hollywood but many voices are being said but not being heard. Celebrities are not the only ones who are speaking out about how and Watson’s speech or the he fishy campaign has changed their life or the movement. But normal people have spoken up about their experiences of feminism. In an article from the Telegraph a woman mother of two boys lived on of a farm. Before the speech she never really considered herself a feminism then when she had a speech sheRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Movement1006 Words   |  5 Pages Early feminism was typically focused only on white women, likely because racism was still extremely prominent at the time feminism began emerging. It was not until Kimberlà © Crenshaw introduced the term â€Å"intersectionality† in 1989 that feminism started to look at oppressed group’s needs (Nash, 2008, 2). Intersectionality is a way of thinking that acknowledges that when a person has identities that belong to more than one oppressed group, it impacts their quality of life more negatively. In this paperRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement874 Words   |  4 Pagesthe first true act of feminism, founded by a group of women rights activists to combat against women’s suffrage in the United States. By the 1960’s radical feminists also known as the woman’s liberation movement once again took up the fight for equality amongst men and woman, yet by the late 1990’s early 2000’s it had begun to change, losing its primary focus of fighting for a woman’s right, and becoming a burden on women today. The blowback from feminism has left todays women to suffer the consequencesRead MoreFeminism : Third Wave Feminism962 Words   |  4 PagesThird-Wave Feminism Feminism can have a different meaning depending on who you are and what time of history you are speaking of. Most people think of the second-wave of feminism in the 20th century when women fought for their rights for equality not just in the workplace but also their right to vote. The movement for gender equality was originally viewed as a great effort by women for women. Today feminism is a subtitle of equality. Giving us the new definition of feminism called third-wave feminism orRead MoreFeminism : My Understanding Of Feminism806 Words   |  4 PagesMy life as a feminist began not long ago. My personal understanding of feminism has been and remains to be limited, but I strive to broaden my understanding of feminism and keep an open mind to the new dynamics of feminism I am being introduced to. My first understanding of feminism was as a movement for the equality between men and women. This is a problematic view of feminism because it enforces the gender binary and theoretically only benefits women. My understanding of feminism grew as my understandingRead MoreWomens Legal and Political Rights Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pages Until the end of 18th century there was a large opposition to womens legal and political rights, though some improvements were made, the issue of giving women the vote was still highly opposed. Feminism is linked to the womens movement and is commonly connected with two basic beliefs, that women are disadvantaged because of their sex, and that this disadvantage should be overthrown. Since the nineteenth century womens movement gained a central focus of theRead Moresula feminism1265 Words   |  6 Pages Feminism and anti-feminism in Sula: Right or wrong? Feminism has been in society for decades. In some societies, we see how women are kept in their boundaries. In some countries women have to cover their entire bodies in clothing to keep from dishonoring their families. In most traditional societies a woman is to remain virginal to be considered worthy of marriage. In America, women were constrained to the household and weren’t allowed to work or vote. These actions were and are considered byRead MoreWomen s Struggle For Women1603 Words   |  7 PagesSociety tramples women. People shout at women for establishing sexual liberation, scoff at women who choose to strive for any career that does not involve housework, and rage at women who challenge the patriarchy. Unfortunately, men decided to use the female gender as a default â€Å"handicap† for centuries. They say the woman has an inability to differ emotions from facts or that she cannot compete with men because of her â€Å"physical inadequacy.† However, these notions bring up irrelevant factors in regardsRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Equality Essay1221 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper will discuss gender roles and gender equality in today’s society in comparison to the society of the first, second, and third waves of feminism. Present-day society should be growing in order to be conscious of individuals who voice themselves as male, bisexual, transgender, female, queer, intersex, lesbian, other, the list is unlimited. However, society is unfortunately stuck in a black and white world and does not want to change; this essentially makes it difficult for those who are

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